In the exhibition, A SLOW WALK THROUGH SECRETS, eco-artist Lisa Tubach investigates the delicate balance between the beauty of our natural world and the host of looming environmental threats we're unable to see.  Motivated by her compassion for the earth and the dilemma of how best to protect it, Tubach hopes her nature-inspired paintings not only raise awareness about such dangers but also serve as subtle cautionary tales.

Underlying much of Tubach’s work is a macroscopic-microscopic tension. Visually dense, her layered paintings are profuse in form and color, which according to Tubach “suggest the near-impossibility of teasing out such environmental dangers from our complicated world.” These dangers to which Tubach refers are unchecked chemical use and related pathogens represented in her work as molecular formulae and other elements described by the artist as “visually seductive in their own right – providing a duplicitous beauty.”

In addition to Tubach’s ecocentric paintings is a series of more personal work called the BRUISE series. This series is inspired by harm done, not only to the earth, but to the artist herself. Having suffered a violent physical attack by a mugger in summer 2010, the artist has found it therapeutic to make images about the scarring of the earth and notes that it was a helpful metaphor for healing from her wounds.