Generational viewpoints, east coast and west coast conversations, a mix of media, and a common bloodline… These are the characteristics on display in Brett, Barry and Uncle Ed, a group exhibition celebrating the influence and enduring nature of family. For most people, family is important. For cousins Brett Amory and Barry Roebuck, it’s everything. So is art. The offspring of a family of artists, they really couldn’t help it. Their parents, aunts, and uncles all shared a creative spirit that demanded expression. However, one relative stood out as a seminal influence for both boys, Uncle Ed. Ed Roebuck is a fine artist and longtime resident of Hampton Roads. A gifted renderer, Roebuck is best known for the 1981 defacement of his own work in protest of its seizure by a creditor. The ensuing years of notoriety earned him considerable national exposure including interviews with the national media and a one man show for the U.S. House of Representatives. For Brett and Barry, Ed’s influence was a critical ingredient in their artistic development. Now, more than a decade after his last public exhibition, Ed will appear in a new show alongside his nephews, both accomplished artists in their own right, in a simple, yet compelling tribute to creative expression and the unbreakable bonds of family.