CARRY ME OHIO is a profoundly moving document of the daily lives of the people of Southeastern Ohio. Once known for its abundance of coal, salt, clay and timber, the region was stripped of its resources by the mining corporations that flourished there from the 1820’s to the 1960’s. With resources depleted, corporations withdrew, resulting in communities with little economic opportunity, crippling poverty and a multitude of social ills.

CARRY ME OHIO is the first chapter in Matt Eich’s ongoing series, “The Invisible Yoke,” which explores historical legacies in communities that are microcosms of the American experience.

In addition to CARRY ME OHIO, is Eich’s installation of iPhone images and video from his ongoing project, LOVE IN THE FIRST PERSON, a visual essay documenting some of the intimate moments and tender emotions experienced as the photographer and his wife Melissa transition from college to marriage and parenthood.