PAINT: For Shay Herring Clanton, it is all about the spirit, the spirit of place. Whether it is the rivers and streams of her home in the mountains of rural Virginia or the Alabama countryside of her youth, Clanton seeks to capture in her paintings what has informed her love of the natural world. Through her abstracted watercolors of the rivers and streams of the Upper James Watershed, Clanton records her perceptions of a moment in time, noting the movement and flux of water , light shadow and form. Clanton’s landscapes, handsomely rendered in oil paint and oil pastels, contain her perceptions of the known and loved places as they exist now, melded with a deeper current of emotion and memories from her childhood.

GLASS: Drawing inspiration from nature, Kim Clanton’s intricately carved blown glass sculpture is suggestive of naturally occurring forms, worn and weathered by time and the elements. Reminiscent of an eroded sea shell or a disintegrating leaf on the forest floor, Clanton’s beautifully textured and patterned works call to mind the state of flux present in all nature and the impermanency of all things